28–29 September 2021  ·  Singapore Standard Time (SGT)

Part 1 – Fabric services system – Building with intent

Bruce Wallis will focus this presentation on the Fabric Services System’s (FSS) automation and operations toolkit, covering intent-driven design, the use of a digital sandbox for deployment emulation and cloud-native integration models for operational insights, workload intent and scalable telemetry.


Bruce Wallis Senior Director of Product Management​ SR Linux and Fabric Services System, Nokia

Bruce Wallis leads SR Linux product management within Nokia’s IP/Optical Networks (ION) division. Originally from New Zealand, now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, he cut his networking teeth on supporting Internet Service Providers in New Zealand and in the wider APAC region. Before taking the leap into product management, his role within the ION Consulting and Solutions Engineering team supporting PoC and demos on yet-unreleased ION products allowed him to build an extensive skill set in virtualization, all things Linux, and general system and solution design. Starting in the industry in 2008 at the age of 17, he now has 12 years’ experience across a wide array of roles.