28–29 September 2021  ·  Singapore Standard Time (SGT)

Making the best of the SR OS Segment Routing Toolbox

Matthew Bocci introduces the network control and programmability tools in the segment routing toolbox and discuss how they can be used to traffic engineer SR-TE LSPs in multi-domain networks and data center SR-enabled IP fabrics.


Matthew Bocci Director or Technology and Standards, Nokia

Matthew Bocci is Director of Technology and Standards with the Service Router product management team at Nokia, specialising in MPLS/Segment Routing, IP routing, Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs, and OpenFlow technologies. He is a product line manager with responsibility for SR OS features in these areas.  He is also co-chair of the IETF Network Virtualisation Overlays (NVO3) And BGP Enabled Services (BESS) working groups, and has been a regular contributor to the IETF for many years. Matthew has co-authored numerous publications and IETF drafts and RFCs on MPLS-based converged networks, as well as being a regular speaker at industry conferences.