28–29 September 2021  ·  Singapore Standard Time (SGT)

Part 1 – Path control in the 5G era

David Watkinson will review the types of telemetry-based optimization options available to service providers using the NSP. He will cover sources of telemetry information and how that information can be used to optimize bandwidth consumption in their networks. Additionally, the NSP Path Control Engine (PCE) will be touched on to show how it can be used  to visualize paths and create a full view of a network, how it can be used to simulate paths in what-if scenarios and then optimize paths using traffic engineered ECMP to balance traffic flows from the data center to the cell site.


David Watkinson NSP PCE PLM, Nokia

David Watkinson creates technology that helps the world act together  He is the PLM for NSP’s PCE (NRC-P).  His background is primarily in software development on company critical products.  He has participated in IETF standardization work and is the inventor on many patents.