28–29 September 2021  ·  Singapore Standard Time (SGT)

SRv6 Introduction and Use Cases

Mustapha Aissaoui reviews the SR OS SRv6 roadmap and discuss how it is implemented in the data and control planes, how OAM is encapsulated over SRv6, what service extension have been added for SRv6 and, how a packet flows through both origination and termination on SRv6 FPE’s as well as interworking between SR-MPLS and SRv6.


Mustapha Aissaoui Product Line Manager, Nokia IP Routing, Nokia

Mustapha Aissaoui is a Product Manager in the Service Router Product Group of the IP/Optical Networks at Nokia.

He holds an Electrical Engineering Diploma from Polytechnic School of Algiers and a MASc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa.

Mustapha Aissaoui has been in the Product Management role since 2004 and is responsible for the MPLS and Segment Routing features in the SR-OS based routers. He is also the lead PLM for the SR-OS based PCEP and other SDN features of the NSP.

Mustapha Aissaoui is an active participant of the IETF MPLS, PCE, and SPRING working groups. He is a co-author and a major contributor to many drafts in these working groups.