28–29 September 2021  ·  Singapore Standard Time (SGT)

Footer Foote

OAM Proponent and PLM


The early adventure in networking touched many of the leading-edge mainstream technologies of the time; wide area X.25 and frame relay, local networking gateways connecting IPX to SNA Front End Processors and mainframe computing, and exposure to many other way cool tech.  Unbeknownst to others but knownst to Footer, the pathway to OAM was established soon after his introduction to the coolest thing ever, 4Mbps token ring.   You remember that one week in 1989 right the full moon in July, yeah that is when token ring was cool.  There had to be better tools then running from closet to closet with a stethoscope checking every unmanaged 8228 token ring MAU (Media Access Unit) port for the telltale signs of beaconing.   When the vision of OAM in the IEFT, IEEE, and ITU-T, to name just a few standards bodies, started to reveal itself to the world Footer went all in.  Fast forward to the OAM years starting in 2008, skipping the unrelated minor networking tangents like designing and deployments of large-scale IP / MPLS and Ethernet networks, it was now a full-on OAM for the rest of his days.  For the past 13 years Footer has been part of the most awesome reveal in networking, the glory of fault and performance monitoring for Ethernet, IP and MPLS.  Better tools.  Better reporting.  Enhanced coolness.  Footer stays involved in the IETF and MEF keeping up to date on the standards work in various OAM areas.  Very few things come close to the awesomeness of the unsung OAM tools that allow for the smooth operation and monitoring of the network and everyone should be watching.