SReXperts 2020

27 - 29 October 2020
SGT - Singapore Time

Virtual Demonstration Hall

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Network Function Interconnect

Intra DC service delivery with Nokia’s overlay automation solution

In this demo we will see how Nokia’s Segment Routing Interconnect Controller (SRIC) -as part our Network Functions Interconnect (NFIX) solution- can be utilised to orchestrate Intra-DC overlay connectivity over a mixed VXLAN and Segment Routing fabric in a multivendor environment. This demo leverages Nokia’s Nuage Networks Virtualised Cloud Services (VCS) as the data centre SDN Controller and Nokia’s 7250 IXR and 7750 SR routing as access-leaf/spine/border-leaf in the VXLAN/Segment Routing fabric.

Converged Packet Core

Implementing CPC with containers +

This demo will show how we can upgrade the Nokia Cloud Mobility Manager (CMM) deployed as a cloud native application using canary testing techniques to verify the new releases in a limited number of subscribers before rolling out a full upgrade.

High Performance 5G User Plane Function

This demonstration will show how the Nokia CMG can deliver high throughput and low latency for 5G user plane using standard x86 compute nodes.

CPC Deployed on Public Cloud with AWS

This demonstration will show how Nokia can deploy a converged 3G/4G/5G Packet Core in containers in the public cloud using AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service.

NSP – cloud packet core network service automation

NSP Core Network Orchestrator – From zero to fully functioning core slice in minutes

NSP Core Network Orchestrator demo will show a fully automated core slice deployment from scratch for dedicated and shared core network slices. Demo will include deployment of all the necessary CPC components (AMF,SMF,UPF) as well as their configuration, as a final step in complete slice allocation. Hundreds of previously manual actions will be executed automatically and triggered via a single click. Demo will pay special attention on handling Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 configuration aspects of core slice allocation utilizing NSP as the Network Function Manangement Function (NFMF)

NSP – transport network service automation

Full Automation of 5G transport slices with NSP

In this demo session, the role of new NSP capability called transport slice controller (TSC) will be demonstrated. The automation of 5G transport slices will be covered via technology agnostic API-based IETF model. Details of assurance and monitoring of the transport slices will be discussed including monitoring using various tools such as telemetry and OAM. At the end the concept of closed-loop optimization of transport slices will be covered which includes the latency and bandwidth based optimization of transport slices. The new TSC transport slice centric frontend dashboard will be used throughout the demo to show not only the health of transport slices but all detail information of individual transport slices.

Data center operating system automation

Building for open with SR Linux

This demo will highlight the extensibility of SR Linux, the power of open source CLI, and what you can accomplish with an architectural shift to model driven management.

Data center fabric automation

Life of a fabric created with Nokia’s FSP

The demo will walk through some of the unique abstract intent based automations enbabled by Nokia’s Fabric Services Platform. These automations will be demonstrated in a unique digital sandbox that will act as a flexible digital lab in the new DevOps world

NSP network operations automation

Telemetry Optimization using NSP

This demo will show how NSP dynamically reroutes LSPs when a utilization threshold is crossed while still meeting LSP constraints such as maximum latency

IP/Optical coordination with NRC-x

This demo will cover a few new use cases for cross domain IP/Optical operational coordination, such as cross-domain link discovery using packet count comparisons and “elastic lag”, to enable a LAG group to dynamically grow or shrink the members in the group between routers that are connected through an optical network.

Nuage SD-WAN

Next-gen SD-WAN Portal

The SDWAN Portal provides both the service provider and their customers with an easy to use platform to manage their Nuage SDWAN deployment, combining the best practices of end-user experience with the flexibility that Nuage SDWAN brings to branch connectivity management. By adding extended reports and dashboards, the end-user will be able to monitor their environment and make changes to their deployment as needed. In this demo, we will explore some of the latest additions in these dashboards, reports and branch management capabilities from an end-users perspective.

Operating & Managing SD-WAN Services at Scale

In this demo, we will look at best practices of operating and managing Nuage SDWAN services on a production network by utilizing rich set of monitoring and troubleshooting channels in the product. We will also explore various available monitoring, troubleshooting and diagnostics tools for reference to realize seamless operations and management of Nuage SDWAN services at scale.

Integrating Nuage SD-WAN with Public Clouds (Azure Cloud)

In this demo the SD-WAN network is extended to workloads running in public cloud using Nuage Networks VNS platform and public cloud native constructs. The first part of the demo explores the integration with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN service which allows establishing connectivity between enterprise branch locations and applications running in MS Azure via virtual hubs. The latter part leverages the cloud form-factor of Nuage CPE (NSG-V) deployed in the public cloud to seamlessly enable the connectivity to and from the enterprise branches and bring them under the single pane of glass management of Nuage VSD.

Dynamic Forward Error Correction (FEC) for SD-WAN

In this session we will demonstrate how Dynamic Forward Error Correction (FEC) can be used to protect the user traffic from packet loss in the underlay network. We will detect the network loss and improve the user experience by dynamically adjusting the amount of error correction, while optimizing bandwidth consumption.

Nuage SD-WAN SaaS Platform

The following demonstration will provide the main features of the SD-WAN SaaS platform. The Nuage SD-WAN SaaS Platform is a cloud-based, multi-tenant service that has all the infrastructure components fully maintained by Nuage in a secure cloud hosting center. The demo will highlight the key features available to customers such as Application-Aware Routing, Dashboard overviews, detailed reports, reseller vs. organization user access as well as our latest SASE solution.

Universal adaptive core

BNG Control/User Plane Separation: pathway to a Universal Adaptive Core

The next generation Nokia BNGs support a disaggregated model where control (CP) and user plane (UP) function are separated using a CUPS architecture. The BNG CP function runs in the CMG, which provides a universal SMF, while the UP is the Nokia 7750 SR or VSR.

This demo shows how Mobile and Residential sessions (IPoE and PPPoE) are created through the use of PFCP (3GPP TS 29.244) and PFCP extensions (BBF TR-459) on the Sx-N4 interfaces between the CP and UP. You will also see how a new BNG UPF is added into the network (PFCP association), how a single CP can be used to handle sessions created on various UPs (FP3,FP4,vFP,mobile) and how this eases deployments and enhances flexibility through the use of a centralized configuration and pool management (ODSA). The demo also shows intra CP-VM redundancy (N:K), session and UPF scaling.

Deepfield network security

Automating and Orchestrating your Network-based DDoS Mitigation with Nokia Deepfield

In this demo session you’ll see how “Deepfield Defender with Network Firewall” automatically detects and mitigates different and complex types of DDoS attacks in a multi-vendor environment.

Learning Services

Learning Services

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Professional Services

Cloud-based Network Verification (CNV)

Nokia cloud-based network verification (CNV) offers network verification services in a business process as a service model. CNV enables a near-instantaneous verification of Nokia IP and Optical Networks, consumable anytime, anywhere, with clear identification of critical issues and proposals for rapid resolution.
Note: This year due to COVID we are offering CNV reports and troubleshooting application FREE for 3 months.

Network Migration Process principles

Nokia IP Routing Professional Service group has more than 20 years of network migration execution expertise. Over that time migration process became industrialized and standardized to reduce risk and execution time as well as increase quality and Right First Time delivery. This demo demonstrates principles of Nokia Network Migration process.

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